About us

Medori Communication and Marketing

This is an online communication and marketing agency, emerging from arduous teamwork and sharing a common denominator – the quest for the essential and the message to render values beyond projects and companies..

We have created a close alliance among industry professionals who provide us with a flexible structure to address all the aspects of communication and imaging, offering a broad, customized, fluent and high-quality service and covering all our client’s offline and online needs..

The goal is to create and develop an updated picture, adding relevant content to attract users, to achieve a robust positioning – nowadays, a vital request to supply an increasingly challenging and committed demand.


Web development

Development of web pages, online stores and mobile apps.

Online Marketing

We improve your visibility in the Internet and your Google positioning.


We study your needs and your target audience’s needs. We plan your strategy.

Strategic Marketing

We guide your brand and design a unique action plan.

Media Content

We improve your product image for different media formats.

Media Planning

We reach your clients using the appropriate media approaches.

Graphic Art

Advertising materials creation and printing, both in small and large format.

Graphic Design

We design your image and add value to it.


Magdalena Brasa
Business Management and Strategy


Supported by a 30-year background and an extensive press clipping, we started in the Isle of Ibiza and moved to Andalucía.

Responsible for creating and starting-up several projects, including Kerosin & Company, Anonimato Ibiza, Isla Collection, Gloria Bendita, Occhiena central ethnic fashion, Cas Catalá…

Chosen by the Innovation, Science and Business Council of the Andalucía Board in 2005 to be part of the first seedbed of cultural industries in Seville, and to be trained on the subjects of her business concepts till 2010.

Funded by the utmost financing program, “Melkart”, plus two consecutive prizes, 2013 “Ecoflamenca”, the prelude for Simof  and 2014 “Yo soy moda” (I am the fashion), for creating and managing a women’s cooperative in an underserved area, in the Southern industrial site of Seville.

Currently, she is based in Ibiza carrying out the marketing operations for “Gloria Bendita” and taking over the business management and strategies for “Medori Comunicación”, an online marketing and communication agency that she manages from her isle-based office.

Abel Díaz
Marketing & Communication


MS in Advertising and Public Relations

More than 15 years of experience in the industry
as a graphic designer, web designer, online marketing specialist, social media expert, also working in Search Engine Optimization, events, advertising…

Sergio Rodríguez
Community Manager



More than 5 years of experience in the industry.
Public Relations campaigns creation and management.
Specialized in print media, radio and Public Relations

Candela Vázquez
Social Media


Specialist in social networks, online marketing and drafting.
Creation and management of campaigns in RRSS.
Specialty in communication in digital press and RRSS

Juanjo Medori
Collaborative Partner


After long years in the business, Juanjo Medori still keeps his entrepreneurial spirit untouched, collaborating and sponsoring several projects, which makes him a business benchmark in the Isle of Ibiza.

His dedication to service for more than 30 years has led him towards the construction of one of the best-known companies in the industry, keeping updated and adjusting to the market changes across all times.

Juanjo Medori, born in Rosario, Argentina, came to this isle 35 years ago to help with the improvement of its facilities, after gaining valuable experienced in other business models, particularly in the United States, which has broaden his perspective and extended his vision company-wise, including telecommunication, high and low tension, home automation, electricity, renewable energies, energy efficiency and, even the many hardships he has faced, it has proved enriching as he enjoys today a privileged position, counting on a team of human resources who are specialized in each of the aforementioned areas.

Carlos Medori


He has geared his passion for 20 years towards an increasingly higher level. He holds a master degree on Documentary Photography, proof of his braveness as he shows us the hard real-life scenarios from conflict zones on several occasions.

He has exhibited his talent on very important assignments for different television stations at the national level, including “mi cámara y yo” (My camera and I), for TeleMadrid, “Vidas Anónimas” (Anonymous Lives); he has also shaped “Callejeros” (Street people) for the Cuatro, “España Directo” (Spain on Direct) for TVE, for the Sexta “La Sexta Columna” (The Sixth Column), La Sexta Noche (The Sixth Night), and an endless list of projects, such as “Tierra de los Nadie” (Nobody’s land) for Telefónica, a series of documentaries across 12 countries showing us solidarity among people, which, as he states, led him to a great personal development.

Currently, he conquers all the aspects of photography and imaging, and he works with us on fashion, communication, marketing, products, books and events.

Special Collaborations

Ricardo Medori

Writer, entrepreneur, communicator and our model to follow. This project is done to honour Ricardo Medori’s background, born in Rosario, Argentina, a highly-esteemed broadcaster who holds a degree on Etiquette and Public Relations and has received numerous awards and acknowledgements during his long-standing career.

He has performed at official ceremonies, important events, conferences, congresses, seminars and anything that he is asked to, as improvising is at best with him.

He is also a writer and a master of communications; at 90, he stills devotes his soul and illusion to several projects, a beautiful example and learning model for all of us in the world of entrepreneurship, who are in need of breaths of fresh air all the time… the more, the better.

He contributes with our news section and he will delight us with his impeccable writings about his experiences bringing in a new perspective of the changes he has gone through and which we will take into consideration, as his contributions will be a valuable input for the constant changing realities we face.