More and more companies have acquired experience and benefit, as important and integrated tool in the management of their events and rely on external communication agencies to plan their process from another perspective, in which the singularity is valued, personalization and well-being, giving rise to an unrepeatable memory.

In Medori Comunicación, we are constantly evolving, we listen to the needs of our clients and transform them into ideas of success, designing a fresh, creative and personalized plan, promoting communication strategies on the island of Ibiza, to conserve and encourage a more sustainable activity and respectful.

Corporate Events

We provide indispensable tools that companies use to motivate, retain and recognize clients and employees, taking the essence out of the back room to get the message across, about products, brands or the organization itself. ,

Meetings, teambulding, conferences, awards ceremony, etc.

  • Groups from 10 people
  • Small groups to consult
  • 60% advance budget
  • Time 3 months
  • Room selection
  • Catering selection
  • Communication strategy
  • Accommodation
  • Services

Experiences Events

Positive experiences are the key in the communication strategy of a company that always remains in the memory of customers or employees who associate brands.

We select the place and time where the target audience is most receptive, in this way we create a significant link, provoke a response, create or modify an attitude.

Launches, product presentation, hospitality events, sports adventures, wellness, etc.

  • Groups from 10 people
  • Small groups to consult
  • 60% advance budget
  • Time 3 months
  • Personalized leisure plan
  • Group activity
    Sport | Outdoors | Local tasting | Wellness | Night leisure
  • Gastronomy
    Lunch / Dinner | Local | Experiential
  • Show
    Music | Acrobatics | Others
  • Services

Ecofriendly Events

We develop new focus that promote in our communication strategies, capable of satisfying present needs without compromising future generations, creating, planning and certifying an event that minimizes the carbon footprint and that generates social impact, showing the traceability of the chain of value.

  • Groups from 10 person
  • Small groups to consult
  • Local product, ecological, vegan …
  • Supplier certifications
  • Smoke free transport
  • You do not experiment with animals
  • Zero impact activity
  • CSR
  • Km 0
  • Product traceability
  • Services